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Want to help us increase community engagement in Geek & Tech, Food & Health, and on more channels? Or maybe you’d rather help us organize or plan a future event. We’d love to hear from you. Please let us know how you’re interested to get involved!

We’re seeking volunteers to write posts for our blog to increase engagement . It is one of our goal to add more people to our family members. Here at Davessa, we’re all family. No matter the age, race, gender or beliefs. We are happy to accept you.

Ideally, a Family Member, you, would each write about ten posts per month.

Your Role

As an Author & volunteer, you will fulfill your passion for the arts and proven storytelling, research and fact-checking. You will work hand in hand with a professional team in developing content to post on Davessa’s website, the platform that connects the community scene with the World.


Davessa Blog

Salary: This is an unpaid volunteer position

Number of vacancies: 5

Location: We accept International Volunteers


Please fill out our website form! Feel free to email with any questions. After filling the form, email us at bookwormjadi1[at]gmail[dot]com saying that you want to join our team and become a Family Member. We will coordinate with you shortly after that.




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