What’s your Writer Personality?

Everybody has a writer personality. As long as you have a mind that thinks, then you can write. Either you prefer to read articles on or offline, or you want to write it out for people to read. But, what kind of writer personality do you have? Wanna find out? Take this quiz now!

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Writer Personality Results:


You’re Not A Writer!

It sounds like you’d make a great editor! Or, maybe you’d rather stick to being purely a reader. And that’s awesome – because without people who love to read, writing would be meaningless.

You’re A Ghost Writer!

You have no preference between fiction or non-fiction, so long as you’re writing (and getting paid well to do so!). You’re great at what you do and you know it, even if no one else knows you by name.

You’re An Informative Writer!

Non-fiction is your forte and you’re proud of it. Magazines, newspapers, and blogs are your weapons of choice.

You’re A Creative Writer!

You work best in the realm of fiction. Whether you’re penning a novel, scribbling down a short story, or languishing over your latest poem; creativity flows through you full-force and cannot be stopped!

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