Social Media Marketing – The Heart of Your Business

There are a countless amount of social media platforms out there today -MySpace, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest to name a few.

While social media is a relatively young concept for the world, it is matured beyond it’s years for a tech company.

Businesses have taken notice Ads by Given that data, businesses have now turned to social media to facilitate multiple functions of their operation.

The very powerful thing about social media is that it can be strategically used to reach a mass amount of people with much less time, money, and man/woman-power than ever before.

Some of the major needs being addressed by social media today are:

1. Customer Relationship

Customer Relationship Management As our society continues to evolve, so too does the customer.There are even reputable companies like GetSatisfaction who help you to leverage these social platforms to maximize CRM efforts.

2. Brand Awareness

By creating a presence on multiple social media outlets businesses are able to raise awareness and scale their presence to the masses. A great use of social media for brand awareness is to “Trendjack” a particular trending topic and find a way to incorporate their brand with that trend.

Being able to tactfully execute on building brand awareness via social media may be a bit tougher than some of the other goals set forth, but is definitely worth the effort if done right.

Now with social media, it allows a passive form of communication.

4. Public Relations / News

While I don’t condone social media as being the sole form for a business to communicate news or updates to the public, it should definitely be a part of the strategy for announcements. New product? Big hire? Funding round? Customer announcement? Whatever it may be, social media gives businesses a way to update the general public with any changes or exciting news that pertains to the company.If a security breach were to happen, like Target or Home Depot, their ability to address customers via social is a real-time solution that can keep customers up to date and informed.

The power of social media cannot be underestimated today.

If your business does not have a social media strategy, I strongly suggest taking a look at how a social media program can benefit you.



Joenathan Dave

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