What Are The Types Of Reflexology?

Reflexology is a kind of stress or tension relieving massage given to us on various sensitive parts of our body. It is done by experts or professionals in the clinic or at our own place. Nowadays there are separate reflexology trainings given in all the educational institutions in the United States. In recent times there are so much stress at our workplace, we often bring that pressure or stress to our drawing rooms. Eventually we cannot relax at home also, which is not good for our health at all. That gives birth to several other psychological traumas, on that note reflexology is so much helpful.

Let us discuss a few types of reflexology;

Foot reflexology


Our feet has lots and lots of nerve endings, so any kind of touch could be extremely sensitive, It is also a platform on which our body stands tall. When the sensitive points on the feet are slowly stimulated, our body feels an extra ordinary sense of relaxation. In today’s world, there is so much of a stress and tension, so foot reflexology or foot massage what we commonly call it as, could be a great idea for sure. People generally fall asleep due to extreme pleasure of relaxation during the practice.

Hand reflexology

When it is done the client is asked relax on a chair or on a table, and the client is asked to stay in a relaxed mood as much as possible. If someone is complaining about his head pain, the hand reflexology can do wonders. By slowly massaging the thumb the head pain gets cured. In today’s world most of the people suffer from asthma, they suffer from stomach problems, they feel down in life, and so these practices can really cure the diseases mentioned above. It is certainly that effective. Hand reflexology is certainly a great benefit for the people suffering from arthritis. It certainly cures arthritis.

Ear reflexology

Ear reflexology is somewhat different from hand and feet reflexology, as our ear is a very delicate place, the pressure which is put should be extremely soft. The points which were given a massage as discussed in the earlier two reflexologies, over here the points are not given a massage, and it is hold with fingers. Ear reflexology is not that popular as hand and feet reflexology. But here also it gives a sense of relaxation, which is the common idea of all the three reflexologies. Out of three areas which are hands, feet and ear only one area is given the maximum focus, probably the leg is given the maximum priority as it is the longest part.


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