Major Reasons You Are Not Acquiring As Much Muscle Mass You Desire

You don’t seem to be getting the result you expected with your muscle building efforts and you’re wondering why. The reason is simple; it’s possible you are not observing some dos and don’ts of muscle building. So, keep reading to learn some of the major reasons you are not acquiring as much muscle mass as you desire.

1. You’re Not Getting Enough Protein

If you do not include quality and sufficient protein in your daily diet, your bodybuilding efforts won’t be yielding substantial result. If you’re an athlete or you’re just in to build your muscle, you need up to 1.5 grams of protein for each pound of your body weight. You need to replenish lost nutrients as you work out.

Rich sources of protein that also feature varieties of amino acids include seeds, wild-caught fish, whole eggs, lean beef, plain yogurt and other fat-free dairy products. These will help to reward your muscle-building efforts.


2. You Don’t Eat Enough from Different Food Sources

You can’t acquire muscle mass by accident. The right amounts of nutrients are needful for muscle building and growth. In essence, you don’t eat balanced diet and as a result do not get sufficient nutrients required from different food groups – protein, carbohydrate, healthy fats and water.

So you need to eat enough by balancing your diet, so that your muscle can get the right amount of calories, minerals, and nutrients for growth and repair. Forget about seeing the effect of resistance training on your muscle mass if you do not have enough calories in your body to make it happen.

3. Your Training is not Sufficiently Intense

be consistent

It’s almost impossible to start seeing bigger and stronger muscle if you only train minimally and mildly. You can’t acquire muscle mass by merely curling 5 pound dumbbells as though you’re in for a show.

You should do your weight lifting and the rest of your muscle building training exercises with the purpose to get result. So, you need to go sufficiently heavy and hard for your body to go beyond the capacity it is used to. That’s when your training efforts will ultimately reveal well-ripped muscles. However, training harder should be under the supervision and instruction of a personal trainer.

4. You’re Not Consistent

be consistent

Consistency is the key to outstanding result in every life’s endeavor. You need to be consistent, not just in your weight training routines but also in your diet. If you’re always indulging in pizza and other junk foods, you can be sure of not experiencing meaningful result no matter how hard you train.


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5. You are not Getting Enough Sleep and Rest

be consistent


While your gym workout activities help to grow your muscle, you can only see the actual changes when you get enough rest. The HGH (Human Growth Hormone) that makes this change to take place is at its peak when you sleep and rest well.

6. Your Training is not Targeted at Building Mass

be consistent

You need to focus more on training activities that speed up muscle building – e.g. weight lifting. But, beyond that, you need to consistently include resistance training so that your muscles can adapt to intense weight lifting.

7. You’re Not Using Dietary Supplements

be consistent

Often, we don’t get enough nutrients from our regular diet because we don’t adopt balanced diet. So, supplementing with multivitamins such as fish oil can help your joint, brain and heart function optimally. Then, use whey protein powder to aid muscle building, growth and repair.




Do the right things and you will start seeing the outcome of your muscle building efforts.

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