10 Of The Best Foods For Losing Weight

Losing weight follows a simple mathematical rule – eat fewer or less calories than you burn. According to the spokeswoman for Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, Heather Mangieri, “Some foods can aid you shed body weight and lose fat. This is because those foods make you feel full for a longer time and curb your cravings as a result.”

In fact, some of these foods will spike up your metabolism. So, the next time you go shopping for groceries, here’s a list of top foods to target for weight loss.

Best Diet Foods

1. Beans

This versatile, filling and inexpensive food is one of the foods that aid fat loss. It is one of the rich sources of protein as well as fiber. And, bean is slow to digest, which implies you will stay full longer so that you are not unnecessarily craving for more food.

2. Dark Chocolate

A square of dark chocolate instead of the milky version is a good pick when you need something to eat between meals. In a study, those who opted for dark chocolate ate less junk food (pizza) a couple of hours after eating the dark chocolate than those who opted for the milky chocolate.

3. Pureed Vegetables

Consuming more fruits and vegetables helps you reduce your calorie intake, even when you occasionally indulge in those ‘cheat foods’. This was proven by a research carried out by Penn State researchers when they included zucchini and cauliflower to mac and cheese meal and gave to the participants. They ate up to 350 fewer calories as a result.

4. Soup

Try taking a cup of soup first before starting your main meal. You won’t be able to eat more as a result. It could be pureed or chunky soup, just make sure it is broth-based. Endeavor to keep the soup to less than 150 calories per serving, which means you should not include the dollops of butter and cream.

5. Nuts

Instead of your regular fat-packed snacks, you should go for a handful of peanuts, almonds, pecans or walnuts. Munching these will help you eat less and crave less.

6. Eggs and Sausage

When you take a protein-rich food such as whole eggs, you care able to say no to unhealthy snacks all day long. And, you will crave less for food, helping you to ultimately keep your weight in check.

7. Yoghurt

Whether it is the traditional or Greek yoghurt, it can do some good to your waistline. According to a Harvard research that studied over 120,000 participants consistently for a decade, yoghurt was the most closely linked to fat/weight loss out of all the foods tracked.

8. Apples

The crunchy fresh apple in particular is a great appetite inhibitor because it is packed with fiber. So eat as many as possible daily.

9. Grapefruit

Really, grapefruit can aid fat and weight loss, and particularly for those at risk of diabetes.

10. Water

Plain and clean water cleanses your body naturally, helping to get rid of fat residues and toxins, thereby contributing to fat loss.


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Author’s Note:

Though it confuses you from your practice, your habits and your likes. Being fit doesn’t need to be that hard. But it doesn’t hurt trying, right? It even feels great if you know that these foods will help you build up you loose fat and even build up muscle.

It all starts in your mind and a strong decision. Having to say that “I can do this!” is the best start for your course of having a slim and healthy body.

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