Which Iconic Handbag Are You?

Handbags are a part of a girl’s body. And iconic handbag like Louis Vuitton or Gucci are and apple in their eye. Some girls use handbag for fashion purpose and to reflect their personality. They say a beautiful handbags shows their personality and choice. But what iconic handbag presents your personality? Take this quiz to find out!

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Your choice is your iconic handbag:

Women love to carry handbags because it is important to have all the items one used close at hand. Not every woman wears jeans so as to keep their mobile, keys and purse in it; many women wear Salwars and Saree, so carrying a handbag will be helpful for them to keep all the basic needy things close to them. Their passion for handbags are really high.

You never know when you or someone you are with, might need. So no matter what you bring with you, as long as you have a your handbag to place them to, you won’t worry. And above all, It’s passion. It’s style, gesture and simply being woman.


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