How to Create a Bitcoin Wallet on Payza


Today I’m gonna show you how to create a Bitcoin wallet with Payza so that you can use it for purchasing and withdrawing Bitcoins

1.Register with Payza

So for most of you guys who don’t know what Payza is, it’s just like Paypal. It facilitates payments between parties through online fund transfers. The good thing about it is that Payza supports Bitcoin. You can send, receive or even convert Bitcoin to other currencies as long as Payza supports it.

So to start with, go to your browser, type, wait for it to load, then click the “sign up” button on the top left corner of it’s homepage.

In creating an account with payza, you have to choose whether you need a personal or business account.

Most of you might want to have a personal account for your own transactions, but if you need the business account’s features, you can upgrade your account anyway. For the sake of this tutorial, we’re going to select the personal account.


2. Fill Out the Form

Just fill out the details needed. Select your country, how Payza would address you, your email address and your password. Make sure that your password contains atleast one uppercase letter and atleast one number, it’s for security purposes. Also, don’t forget to agree to the Payza User agreement and Privacy policies, and make sure you’re at least 18 years old to sign up. Click “get started”

The next step is to check the inbox of the email address that you used earlier. Look for and email that says “Validate your Email Address”. Then simply click the link provided to validate your email and activate your account.

After activating you account you would want to complete your profile setup. Simply click the “Complete profile setup” here at the left corner of payza, and you’ll run through a simple and fast profile setup, you’ll love it. Give your work details, your address, phone numbers and some additional account security details.


3. Creating a Wallet

Now, to create a Bitcoin wallet. Go to “wallet” click balances and open the balance for “Bitcoin” so that it would add to your balances, then set it to primary.


Go to “wallet” again and click “cryptocurrency address manager”. Select the currency “Bitcoin” and click “Generate New Address”. Doing this would give you a Bitcoin wallet right inside Payza.



You now have a Bitcoin wallet at Payza.

4. Adding funds & Converting it to Bitcoin

As I said earlier, Payza allows you to convert any currency that payza supports to Bitcoin currency.
Go to the “Add funds” at the top corner of Payza. There are different ways to add funds on Payza actually. It’s either with Credit Card which would deliver Immediately, Bank transaction, Bitcoin Transfer itself and many more. Just confirm transactions and you’re ready to convert.

In converting a fiat currecncy to Bitcoin, simply go to “Home” and click “Exchange”. Choose what currency you want to convert and select Bitcoin as the currency you want to convert to.

Users now have all the functionality that a Bitcoin wallet providers. The feature is available for personal and business account holders. Payza merchants can continue with payment buttons to process Bitcoin payments on their websites and APIs for automating Bitcoin payments. That’s it! You now have Bitcoin at your wallet.


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