Is Your Brain Creative Or Logical? Take This Quiz To Find Out

Do you consider yourself a more logical or creative person? When I was on high school, I once did a fair project about logic and creativity. I asked how people likes to think if their actions would affect their way of thinking. Through research and experiments I conducted a survey, and gave it out to several people to determine whether they are logical, creative, or both. You don’t have to make your brain creative or logical, just be you. It is important to remember, though, that logic and creativity are not opposites, they in fact go hand in hand.

This short quiz might just help you determine what your more dominant trait is.

What Is Logic?

Logic helps us identify patterns of good reasoning and patterns of bad reasoning, so we know which to follow and which to avoid. The term “logic” is often used in many different ways. It is sometimes understood broadly as the systematic study of the principles of good reasoning.

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What Is Creativity?

Being creative is simply turning new and imaginative ideas or thoughts into reality. As a personal ability it is very difficult to measure. The reason is that we don’t understand the mental processes that help some people be more creative than others. Judging what is creative is also controversial. Some people say only things which are historically new are creative, while other people say that if it is new for the creator and the people around them, then it is also creativity.




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