Targeted Traffic quality: The Best Case Scenario

Everyday, all over the world, thousands of online entrepreneurs make the tragic mistake of investing too much on the volume of traffic instead of the traffic quality. Even though a huge number of clicks on our tracker systems look great, the number of conversions is the only thing that matters in the end. Many believe that each click is a lost opportunity and that one should focus on converting those clicks into sales, we often forget one significant factor, the quality of traffic that we are getting.

Traffic quality

is about having higher ratio conversions per number clicks, and it is influenced by many factors. One of those is the demographic of the traffic. Gone are the days that blasting countless emails are effective. Gone are the times when indiscriminate ads are broadcast to any variety of audiences. A website selling expensive and fragrances receiving traffic from war torn or poverty stricken areas should redirect traffic to a more sensible target, they could advertise and therefore receive traffic from the upper and elite class on more progressive countries. Doing so will increase sales and conversion and decrease advertising cost (reduced audience). This scenario is an ideal advertising and traffic game plan.

Another factor affecting the quality of traffic is the trust rating. On the smart and fast paced world of today, the secret to effective marketing relies on smart and targeted ads and the trust consumers have on the business. On the online business industry, where scammers and frauds comes on every shape and size, trust is a major issue for modern day customers. Look at Apple for example, a company that people trust, price is just a secondary issue for them once trust is established. Once people trust you, they will be more inclined to do business with you. A lesser volume of traffic of people who trust you is far more likely to yield conversions than a much larger volume of people who sees you and your company as total strangers.

Earning the trust of the customers truly take time, just like farming, growing a customer’s trust needs nourishment and time. Just like farming, there are proper practices that must be done to give your trust rating a boost. One such practice is increasing traffic and marketing audience by making your customers promote you. We often see websites evaluate their marketing strategies by running surveys after a sale to identify which campaign worked to turn your click into conversion, they often pose questions such as “Where did you hear from us?” or “How did you find us?” to isolate those campaigns and if possible to replicate them.


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Trust via association, to associate your company or business on the names of people a potential customers personally know. We see it commonly on the use of familiar faces to promote one’s products such as movie stars and other public figure. Facebook and social networking sites affiliate the names of your friends currently using a product to lure in more of their friends. Still, considering these things, being recommended by a customer to another potential customer would be one of the best case scenarios.

Recommendations work brilliantly for business owners as the marketing would be done without their involvement and it will be done by your existing customers reaching out to potential customers who they think would be interested in the product. This scenario solves two major marketing obstacles: proper audience and high trust rating due to the recommendations of one they know.

These tasks however is time consuming and very rare, existing customers rarely have tendency to recommend without incentives, and even with incentives the process is tedious at best. Thankfully, we have a powerful tool within our reach, UpViral.

UpViral is a powerful tool which combines automation, management, and functionality. Using its simple interface, one can create automated campaigns and viral reward systems which can grow your website traffic and expand your pool of customers exponentially.



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