Area 51 Myth Busting Facts You Must Not Know

5. Area 51’s nicknames

Area 51 Myth Busting Facts

It’s not just referred to as Area 51, it also known as Paradise Ranch – the name Lockheed’s CEO gave it to make the idea of working in such a remote location more attractive to employees. It’s also referred to as Groom Lake due to their being a dried up lake right next to the base that has now turned into a salt flat.

4. Super fast spy plane

Area 51 Myth Busting Facts

This futuristic looking thing is the A-12 OXCART – a jet that was developed and tested at Area 51. Flying at a whopping 2,200 mph, it takes the jet 186 miles to make a single u-turn.

3. The UK’s Area 51

Area 51 Myth Busting Facts

Since we don’t have as much open space here in Blighty, it’s believed that Americans and Brits have been working together at Area 51 since the last 80’s.


2. Non-flammable super-fuel

Area 51 Myth Busting Facts

The fuel used in the A-12 can withstand temperatures so high that even an open flame wouldn’t ignite it. Such powerful and robust fuel means the plane can fly from LA to New York in less than an hour! The downside to travelling so fast is that it needs a lot more space to land, in fact, a dedicated runway was built at Area 51 that’s 1.6 miles long!

1. The Soviets gave away secrets

Area 51 Myth Busting Facts

By not classifying the work of famous Russian theoretical physist – Pytor Ufimtsev – the Soviet Union essentially gave the U.S a helping hand when scientists at Area 51 used Ufimtsev’s work to further develop their own stealth technology.

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