Area 51 Myth Busting Facts You Must Not Know

Often cited by conspiracy theorists as a research center for UFO’s and Aliens – Area 51 is all but a mystery. Despite the theories, little has been published to prove Area 51’s role in extraterrestrials. What we do know – thanks to declassified documents – is Area 51’s role in the testing and development of spy planes.  Here are area 51 myth busting facts that the government probably doesn’t want you to know!

24. How Area 51 got its ‘unique’ name

Area 51 Myth Busting Facts

The name comes from its map designation when the location was added as the fifty-first area of the Atomic Energy Commision’s Nevada Proving Ground. This area was previously used to test atomic weapons and bombs.


23. Presidential recognition

Area 51 Myth Busting Facts

Believe it or not, but Barack Obama was the first ever U.S President to publicly discuss Area 51 when he made a passing comment about the base during an award ceremony in 2013.


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22. Area 51’s original purpose

Area 51 Myth Busting Facts

During World War II this area of land was used a gunnery range for Army Air Corp pilots and ground troops.

21. Spilling the beans on Area 51’s existence

Area 51 Myth Busting Facts

The US Government first acknowledged Area 51’s existence in 2005 during a public records request by George Washington University. It was also found that documents in 2002 removed all mentions of the name – ‘Area 51’.

20. On a need to know basis only

Area 51 Myth Busting Facts

Even the U.S President is on a need to know basis and isn’t made aware of every single activity and development that happens on the site.

19. Area 51’s official name

Area 51 Myth Busting Facts

Contrary to popular belief, Area 51 does actually have an official name. It’s known as the ‘Air Force Flight Test Center, Detachment 3’ – quite a mouthful! As a result it’s often abbreviated as AFFTC Det 3.

18. Secretly acquired Soviet MiG fighter jets

Area 51 Myth Busting Facts

Leaked documents show that employees at Area 51 had secretly acquired a set of MiG fighter jets. The codename for the project was ‘Have Doughnut’ and the aim was for engineers to design planes that counteract the MiG’s strengths.



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