19 Extreme Body Modifications You Won’t Believe Are Real

5. Lip sewing

19 Extreme Body Modifications

Popular with goths and the alternative scene, lip sewing is a ritualistic modification. There have also been several cases of lip sewing as a means of political protest.

4. Eye sewing

19 Extreme Body Modifications

It’s not just the lips that can get sewed shut. Others have resorted to sewing the eyelids down. This brutal body modification isn’t for the feint hearted.

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3. Uvula piercing

19 Extreme Body Modifications

The uvular piercing is extremely painful and involves putting a ring or stud through the soft palate between the tonsils.

2. Arm ear

19 Extreme Body Modifications

Forget subdermal implants and take a leaf out of Stelios Acradious’ book. After 10 years of searching, he finally managed to find a surgeon who would implant a lab-grown ear straight onto his arm. Strange!

1. Elfing

19 Extreme Body Modifications

Otherwise known as ear pointing, elfing is carried out to give the ears the same appearance as Vulcans or elves. A common method is to chop out a small wedged-shaped portion from the ear, and then suture the two edges back together.



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