19 Extreme Body Modifications You Won’t Believe Are Real

9. Sub-dermal implant

19 Extreme Body Modifications

Dating back to the late 90’s, a subdermal implant is a procedure where items made from Teflon or silicone are implanted straight under the skin. This process is also referred to as pocketing or 3D implants .

8. Trans-dermal implant

19 Extreme Body Modifications

While sub-dermal implants are inserted deep under the skin, trans-dermal implants are only partially inserted, the other part of the modification is exposed. This type of modification is carried out through a process called dermal punching.

7. Extreme piercing

19 Extreme Body Modifications

Forget getting your ears, nose or maybe your belly button pierced, the next step up is to create a giant crater so you can insert medium to large sized objects, like this man who decided to pierce his cheeks so he can fit two guns through his mouth – as you do!

6. Lip window

19 Extreme Body Modifications

Take your lip piercing to the next level by inserting a transparent pyrux plug in the hole instead of a ring or stud – just make sure you’ve brushed your teeth first!

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