19 Extreme Body Modifications You Won’t Believe Are Real

14. Human branding

19 Extreme Body Modifications

Also referred to as stigmatising, human branding is the process whereby a symbol, mark or pattern is burned into the skin, with the intention of creating a scar that is permanent. This isn’t for the those with a low pain threshold!

19 Extreme Body Modifications

If you thought getting a tattoo was painful, imagine getting one directly on your cornea! Ouch!

19 Extreme Body Modifications

And it’s not just the cornea that you can get tattooed, the white of the eye can also be modified. Some people get patterns tattooed on, whereas others choose to change the color entirely.

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19 Extreme Body Modifications

Although the practice is now mainly found in Japan, it was first carried out in Canada. The bagel head mod is carried out by injecting a saline solution directly into the forehead. It creates a swelling that looks like a doughnut or bagel – luckily it’s just temporary and lasts just a few days.

10. Extra-ocular implant

19 Extreme Body Modifications

People are now paying big bucks to have decorative objects implanted into their eyeballs.



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