19 Extreme Body Modifications You Won’t Believe Are Real

You might have thought body modification was having your ears pierced or dying your hair a wacky color – but in 2018 it’s so much more than that. Now body modification can range from the simple to the downright ridiculous and includes painful sounding things such as ‘human branding’ and ‘tongue splitting’. Here we take a look at 19 extreme body modifications that you won’t believe are real.

19. Teeth sharpening

19 Extreme Body Modifications

Human teeth sharpening is the manual and deliberate sharpening of teeth. Historically this was carried out for spiritual reasons, but now it’s a big part of the body mod scene and is mainly carried out for aesthetic reasons.

18. Neck rings

19 Extreme Body Modifications

Neck rings date back thousands of years and are still used to this day. Tribal women wear decorative rings that push their ribs and collarbones down in order to elongate their necks.

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17. Tongue splitting

19 Extreme Body Modifications

Otherwise known as forking or tongue bifurcation – tongue splitting is a type of body mod where the tongue is cut right down the middle from the tip right to the back of the mouth. Common in the underground scene in the states, it’s alleged that some people do it to increase sensations when kissing.

16. Corset piercing

19 Extreme Body Modifications

A corset piercing is an extremely painful modification where the back is pierced up to four times on each side and then laced up like a corset. Due to the risk of injury caused by the lace getting caught, most corset piercings are temporary.

15. Magnetic implants

19 Extreme Body Modifications

For those that don’t fancy getting a piercing – a magnetic implant might be an interesting alternative. Once you have the magnet under the skin, you can pick any metal object that takes your fancy and attach it without the pain of getting pierced.



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