10 Best Muscle Building Foods

These foods will not only help you build muscle but also aid fat loss in order to reveal your toned muscles. Keep reading to learn about our top 10 best muscle building foods you can take advantage of.

1. Fish Oil

10 Best Muscle Building Foods

Fish oil cuts back inflammation of the skin and joints, reduces body fat and boosts testosterone levels. Great sources are fatty fishes. You can supplement fish oil in your diet with fish oil supplement.

2. Whole Eggs

10 Best Muscle Building Foods
These are rich and cheap source of protein. The most nutrients are found in the yolk and will include protein, vitamins A, D and E, as well as the amount of cholesterol that helps boost testosterone levels naturally. Ultimately, you will increase muscle development and building.

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3. Berries

10 Best Muscle Building Foods
All the berries – raspberries, cranberries, blackberries and other berries are great sources of antioxidants to prevent cancer, eye ailments and heart disease. They are also great for muscle building. Mix berries with oatmeal to better enhance muscle building.

4. Wild Salmon

10 Best Muscle Building Foods
This is loaded with omega-3 fatty acids and provides 20g protein per serving of 100gram, to help you achieve muscle building. However, the farm-raised salmon is not rich in omega-3 acid, which is why the wild caught option is the best.

5. Yoghurt

10 Best Muscle Building Foods
Yoghurts are also great muscle building foods. Go for the plain low fat yoghurt and mix with flaxseeds and berries. Avoid the frozen yoghurt and the ones with added fruit and sugar as they are unhealthy alternatives.

6. Almonds

10 Best Muscle Building Foods
These plant-based foods are great for muscle building and development since they are loaded with protein. About 8 grams of protein are present in just ¼ cup of almonds, which is about 2 grams protein more than the amount of protein in a typical egg. They are also rich in magnesium for chemical reactions in your body, plus they are heart-healthy foods.

7. Oysters

10 Best Muscle Building Foods
While they may not be the very best muscle building foods, oysters are commonly consumed by bodybuilders and weight lifters. 100 grams of oysters (the cooked pacific version) contains 20 grams or more protein and just five grams of fat. They are also rich in zinc.

8. Lean Ground Beef

10 Best Muscle Building Foods
Lean and ground beef are also great sources of protein required in muscle building. While you may be looking at the ‘red’ stigma attached to beef, you should know that lean beefs contain additional minerals and vitamins to enhance muscle building.

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9. Chocolate Milk

10 Best Muscle Building Foods
From time immemorial, the male folks have always been reminded how important milk is to a growing body. This hasn’t changed even in adulthood. As food sourced from animal, milk is loaded with all essential amino acids and minimal fat – particularly the skim milk. And, since milk mixes excellently well with whey protein, it becomes an integral part of muscle building.

10. Cottage Cheese

10 Best Muscle Building Foods
Majority of the serious muscle builders feature cottage cheese in the list of their best foods for muscle building.



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